The Prettiest Solution To Dull, Tired Skin and Puffy Eyes

Do you have dull, tired skin? Puffy eyes and dark circles? Feeling tired and stressed? Let us introduce you to our new Rose Quartz Eye Mask, which can help with these problems and MUCH more.


One of our Rose Quartz Eye Masks would be the prettiest addition to your dressing table! But are there any benefits other than looking beautiful and providing a great selfie prop? Yes, absolutely…


1. Boost circulation

The cool sensation from the mask will help boost circulation, excellent for helping with brightening your skin, boosting cell regeneration, anti-ageing benefits. The stones are naturally cool, and you can pop the mask in the fridge beforehand for an enhanced cooling experience. The mask can also be turned upside down and placed over the jaw and mouth area for a full facial boost.


2. Decrease eye puffiness and dark circles

Is a lack of sleep, stress and tension causing you to have those dreaded dark circles and puffy eyes? The cooling properties of the mask will help get rid of these and brighten your eye area. Use with your favourite eye cream or serum for enhanced benefits.

3. Relieve headaches and sinus pressure

Relaxing for twenty minutes using your mask when you feel a headache, migraine or sinus pain can really help – the cooling and weighted sensation can be truly beneficial. Also great for the morning after the night before kind of headaches! Can you think of a more relaxing way to nurse a hangover?!


4. Calm any redness and inflammation

The cooling and soothing sensation of the mask will calm any redness and irritation. The mask is flexible and although it is designed for the eye are primarily, it can be adapted to use anywhere when you need to calm and soothe.


5. And of course, the benefit of pure relaxation!

The weight and coolness of the stones should help you feel instantly calmer and more relaxed. You can leave the mask on for as long as you like, play some relaxing music and fill the room with your favourite scent for a blissful, tranquil experience and forget all your stresses for a while. Get in tune with your spiritual side with the healing properties of the Rose Quartz.


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